The 5 AM Club – 7 ESL English Discussion Questions

The 5 am club

Summary Reminder:


The 5 AM Club is a self-help book that helps you get up at 5 AM every morning, build a morning routine, and make time for the self-improvement you need to succeed.

Robin Sharma tells the story of a fictional artist, an entrepreneur, and a tycoon to show the benefits of rising early.

Robin Sharma: “5 AM is the time of least distraction, highest human glory, and greatest peace”

1- Are you a night owl or an early bird?

2- How would you summarize the book from your perspective?

3- Do you have a morning routine? Do you think you should change/rebuild/improve it? How and why?

4- It’s almost impossible to succeed if you can’t build a routine for your work. Do you agree? Explain.

5- Do you apply the 20/20/20 rule? (The 20/20/20 rule divides your first hour of the day into three equal blocks of exercise, reflection, and learning).

6- Do you apply The Tight Bubble of Total Focus Strategy (TBTF), if yes, tell us about your experience

7- Do you have a balance in the four “interior empires”, Mindset, Health-set, Heart-set (Emotions), and Soul-set (Spirituality)? How do you think you can grow this balance?

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