Success and Failure – 10 English Discussion Questions

Failure is one of the biggest challenges any person can encounter. It can strike fear into our heart and a paralyzing feeling that makes us question everything we have done. But, it can also be used as an opportunity to learn and grow. When people fail, they look for ways to do things differently next time. In other words, failure forces us to think critically and persevere against all odds.

To succeed in life or business means different things to different people but what almost everyone agrees on is that it takes more than just hard work and dedication. Great people are also willing to put in the extra effort, practice their craft regularly, accept feedback constructively, and work collaboratively with others towards a common goal.

However, if left unchecked, success can turn into its opposite; false happiness that hides from reality and leads us astray from our true purpose.


Here are 10 questions to address the subject of Success and Failure:


1- Describe a successful person.

2- How much pressure are your parents putting on you to be successful?

3- Do you think your parents’ definition of success is the same as yours?

4- Do you think people pay too much attention to appearing to be successful?

5- Why is money the most common yardstick of achievement?

6- Can money buy happiness?

7- How much pressure are you putting on your children to be successful?

8- What is failure?

9- Have you ever experienced failure?

10- Does failure always have negative consequences?


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