Procrastination – 6 English Discussion Questions

Procrastination is defined as the habit of putting off or delaying tasks because one is afraid or reluctant to undertake them. Procrastination can be habitual or situational, and it can have positive or negative consequences. The most common negative consequences of procrastination are that tasks are not completed on time, that quality suffers, and that stress levels increase. The most common positive consequence of procrastination is that tasks are completed with better quality later than they would have been if they had been undertaken immediately.


Here are 6 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Procrastination”:


1- Why do people procrastinate?

2- Is it always bad to procrastinate? Explain!

3- How do you feel when other people (Colleagues..) put off something you want to be done soon?

4- What can procrastinators do to change this habit?

5- Do you ever forget to pay your bills on time?

6- Do you get annoyed when you have to stand in a long line?


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