Movies – 15 ESL English Discussion Questions


Here are 15 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Movies”:


1- What are some of your favorite movies and why?

2- How has the movie industry changed over the years?

3- What are some classic movies that everyone should see?

4- What role do movies play in our culture and society?

5- How does the movie industry influence fashion, music, and technology?

6- What are some current trends in the movie industry?

7- How does the movie-making process work and what are some key steps involved?

8- What are some of the biggest challenges facing the movie industry today?

9- How do movies impact our emotions and mental health?

10- What role does diversity and representation play in the movie industry?

11- How do movies shape our perceptions of the world and different cultures?

12- What are some ways to critique and evaluate movies?

13- How has technology impacted the movie-watching experience?

14- What are some exciting upcoming movie releases?

15- What is the future of the movie industry and how will it continue to evolve?

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