Language Exchange via Group Calls on Inatlantis

What is it?

Language exchange is a method of language learning based on mutual language practice between two (or more) native, advanced or fluent speakers teaching each other their native language or the language they speak fluently.

Our approach relies on this method along with the fact that our calls are always in groups and always around a topic so our users get the chance to practice to enhance their ability to discuss any topic they want.

Because we strongly believe that “Hi, How are you? Where are you from?” won’t get you anywhere and that the only way intermediate language learners can become advanced or fluent is to speak about different topics and be put in different situations.


Speaking over chatting:

We focused the experience on Group Calls over Group Chat or Individual Chat because:

  • Writing puts you in a linguistic comfort zone.
  • Chat can easily be saturated
  • You can’t discuss deeply over chat.


Language exchange, how does it work on Inatlantis?

Three main steps:

  1. You join a “Language Exchange Group”, e.g. English ⇔ Spanish.
  2. You join a Group Call or you organize it.
  3. You show up on time.

The Group Call has a duration of 20 minutes up to 2 hours.

How to exchange:

  • 50/50 practice:

All participants will be speaking one language for half the duration of the Group Call, and then switch to the other language.

  • Freestyle:

You can practice just the language you are learning the whole call as long as you help others whenever needed.

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