Deep Web – 14 ESL English Discussion Questions

Deep Web – 14 ESL English Discussion Questions

Here are 14 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Deep Web”:


1- What is the deep web and how does it differ from the surface web?

2- What are some common misconceptions about the deep web?

3- How do people access the deep web and what are some common uses for it?

4- What is the dark web and how does it relate to the deep web?

5- What are some of the risks associated with accessing the deep web?

6- How has the deep web been used for illegal activities such as cyber-crime and illegal trade?

7- What measures are in place to protect against malicious activity on the deep web?

8- How has the deep web impacted privacy and security?

9- What are some ethical concerns surrounding the deep web?

10- What role does government and law enforcement play in regulating the deep web?

11- How has the growth of the deep web changed the internet and our access to information?

12- What are some future implications and potential developments in the deep web?

13- What can be done to increase awareness and understanding of the deep web among the general public?

14- How can individuals protect themselves while using the deep web?

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