Change – 13 English Discussion Questions

Change” is an important concept in sociology and psychology. It describes how things are different from what they were before. Societies, organizations, and individuals constantly undergo change.

It also can be defined as a gradual or sudden transformation from one state or condition to another. In other words, it is the process of moving from one situation or condition to another. Change can also refer to the action or result of making adjustments.


Here are 13 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Change”:


1- What does it mean to “change“?

2- Are you someone who likes/enjoys change?

3- “The only thing constant is change.” Is this statement true? Explain.

4- How does changing one’s environment impact their life?

5- How does changing one’s thoughts impact their life?

6- What is the most significant positive change you have experienced in your life?

7- Do you think you can make progress staying in a comfort zone?

8- “You are the same person you were 5 years ago except for the books you have read, the people you have met, and the places you have traveled.” Do you think this quote is accurate?

9- Have you ever decided to change the group that you usually hang out with?

10- Have you ever gotten rid of a boyfriend or girlfriend? Was the change painful?

11- Have you ever become depressed and stayed indoors for long periods? How did you get out of your depression?

12- What have been the biggest changes in the world you’ve seen since you were a child?

13- Is being in constant change good or bad for someone’s mental health?


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