Carlos Ghosn – 15 ESL English Discussion Questions

Carlos Ghosn

Here are 15 Conversation Questions about “Carlos Ghosn”:


1- Who is Carlos Ghosn and what is he known for?

2- How did Carlos Ghosn become a successful businessman?

3- What was his role in the Nissan-Renault alliance?

4- How did Carlos Ghosn’s arrest in Japan impact the automotive industry?

5- What were the allegations against him in Japan?

6- How did he escape from Japan and arrive in Lebanon?

7- What has been the reaction from Nissan and the Japanese government to Carlos Ghosn’s escape?

8- What is Carlos Ghosn’s current situation?

9- What was Carlos Ghosn’s reputation before his arrest and escape?

10- How has Carlos Ghosn’s arrest and escape affected his reputation?

11- What was Carlos Ghosn’s impact on the automotive industry?

12- What was Carlos Ghosn’s management and leadership style?

13- What is the future of the Nissan-Renault alliance without Carlos Ghosn?

14- How has Carlos Ghosn’s case affected the perception of corporate leaders?

15- What lessons can be learned from Carlos Ghosn’s case?

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