Best Language Exchange Group Call

In order to have the best user experience on the platform of Inatlantis, We recommend you to do the following:

As an Organizer:

  • Time:

It’s important to schedule the call at a time that suits everyone, even though it’s hard to guess but it’s important to consider.

Also, it is so essential to show up on time and give a chance to other participants to show up too.

  • Topic:

The topic you’re choosing is what attracts people to join your call. For that try to be interesting and not repetitive.

Uploading a picture makes it more attractive.

  • Moderating the call:

The way you moderate the call is what makes you and other participants like the experience and want to join your calls.

Remember, it’s casual and informal, so It doesn’t mean that you have to overdo it.

All you have to do is to make the call smooth and interesting.


As a Participant:

  • Time:

Showing up on time is so essential.

You can always withdraw from the call if you are uncertain or feel like you won’t be able to attend.

  • Be friendly and helpful:

Inatlantis is a safe, friendly, and helpful community with values.

One of the main values we have is “Help”.

Especially since the principle we have for language practice is “Language Exchange”.

So, without help, we’re not who we are.

We hope you have a wonderful experience on our platform.

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