Ancient Egypt – 11 ESL English Discussion Questions

Ancient Egypt

Here are 11 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Ancient Egypt”:


1- What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Ancient Egypt’

2- What is your knowledge about Egyptian history?

3- In your opinion, was it right for the Pharaohs to rule with absolute power? Explain!

4- Do you think Egypt would be so famous today if Pharaohs did not exist?

5- Tell us about one of the pharaohs and how he or she was important.

6- What is the origin of the term Pharaoh?

7- Why did Egyptian civilization decline?

8- List the achievements of the main pharaohs of Egypt.

9- What makes pyramids special?

10- What do you know about The Curse of the Pharaohs? Do you believe in it? Explain!

11- What do you know about the Ancient Egyptian afterlife beliefs?


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