Adoption – 16 ESL English Discussion Questions


Here are 16 Conversation Questions about the topic of “Adoption”:


1- What is the meaning of the word “adoption”?

2- Do you have a friend who was adopted as a child?

3- Do you know anyone who has adopted a child?

4- In your opinion, what is the main reason that makes people choose to adopt? Do you know any other reasons?

5- What is the difference between domestic and international adoption?

6- How is adoption seen in your country?

7- What are the procedures for someone to adopt a child?

8- At what age should you tell a child that she or he was adopted?

9- Should adopted children be allowed to find out about their biological parents?

10- Should families with biological children also adopt?

11- Should adoptions be between children and families of the same origin and or culture?

12- What is a family made of? Genetics, or the environment?

13- Do you think that discrimination is taking place within the adoption organizations?

14- Do you think a person should be able to adopt a child of a different origin or cultural background?

15- Should a homosexual couple be allowed to adopt a child?

16- Are there any risks when adopting a child?

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